Rue de Gourmet

Fancy a trip to Paris? Been thinking of taking a French night course? Keen to sample a few signature French dishes? Pop on down to the Rue de Gourmet and take a look at what our French locals have to offer ... fine cuisine, art and more...


Lower half of High Street



Sat 10am – 5pm       

Sun 10am – 5pm      





Michel Morand

Head Chef & Owner: Bistro Michel

Michel Morand

Chef Michel Morand was born in Burgundy, France and moved to South Africa in 1993. Since then, Michel has been a part of several highly successful restaurants, including opening the previously famous Auberge Michel restaurant. Today, Michel owns and runs Bistro Michel – a highly successful and thriving restaurant in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg.

Robert Baxa

Chef & Owner: Les Delise de France

Robert Baxa

Robert is from Alsace, France. Creations that flow out of the kitchen and dedication to making each dish incomparable, reflects in the dish being served. Choosing only the freshest ingredients and best products to prepare the dishes daily. A true reflection of the culinary art – for most of his life, thriving benevolently in the kitchen.

Philippe Wagenführer

Chef & Owner: Eat Bistro

Philippe Wagenfuhrer

Most people will know Philippe from his award-winning ‘Roots’ Restaurant at Forum Homini. Responsible for great eateries in various parts of Johannesburg over the years, Philippe has established a strong reputation as a talented chef and restaurateur.