Total Waiters Race

The sound of this intriguing event conjures up images of sleek haired chaps in long white aprons, jaunty bow ties starkly contrasting with starched, bright white shirts, shiny black shoes and the ubiquitous round wooden tray, laden with bottles and glasses as they dash through the streets, over cobble stones and up and down stairs, cheered on by a vastly entertained crowd…and this will be no different!


Only 50 places


Sat 10.30 - 11.30am (3 heats)
Sat 2pm-3pm (2 heats + 1 FINAL)

Sun 10.30 - 11.30am (3 heats)
Sun 2pm-3pm (2 heats + 1 FINAL)


Public Access

Fantastic entertainment for the onlookers and plenty of prizes for the participants.

Cash Prize of R5 000 per day.


FOR QUERIES CONTACT: Clint Murray on 082 509 1724


  • Subject to application approval, by entering The 2016 Total Waiters Race competition all entrants agree to the rules and regulations stipulated by the CEO of Europ Foods and The Total Waiters Race Committee and Events management team and Total SA which can be found at:
  • Entry is free in 2016 for participants.
  • Note: Entries Close Wednesday 13 April, 2016